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The Microbiology and Food Technology Sector is part of the Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Foos Science of the University of Turin
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The section of Microbiology and Food Technologies of the DISAFA (Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences), University of Turin is specialised in the definition of quality for foods such as wine, dairy products, bakery products and in the application of new technologies for food and beverages production. The research group, based on different but complementary skills, is composed of food technologists, chemical-physical analysts, food microbiologists and sensory analysts who, working together, are able to provide a complete and accurate analysis of multiple problems. The team is equipped with microbiological and chemical-analytical instruments such as PCR, electrophoresis systems, liquid and gaseous chromatography – also coupled with mass spectrometry systems-, rheometer, colour spectrophotometer, texture analyzer even in combination with the sound. The sector also has an experimental winery where winemaking processes are carried out on a pilot scale and a technological laboratory where dairy products and bakery and pasta products can be made in pilot scale. The research activities are linked to the first and second level university degrees offered by the University of Turin in the field of food technologies (in particular dairy, oenological, foodstuff obtained from cereals and sensory analysis technologies) and food microbiology



Research activities in Action 1, Action 2, Action 5 and Action 6

Giuseppe Zeppa
Project coordinator for University of Torino Unit. Associate professor in Food Science and Technology

Research activities in Action 1, Action 2, Action 5 and Action 6

Marta Bertolino
University of Torino. Researcher in Food Science and Technology

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